Another short piece within the First Contact universe, “Ruination”.  Enjoy!


Vaering turned his eyes outward, over the crowds, and felt a swell of pride. So many people had come out to see the completion of the project. So many others had actually contributed their time and efforts to see the project realized; Like his friend Skjord. His eyes moved to observe the hulk of a Narelhen and then noticed that Skjord, along with the other Order leaders, had focused on a small group of people. As if snapping out of a dream, Vaering realized that the constant drone of hundreds of thousands of people had ceased. An eerie silence had fallen over them and as he searched for the cause his eyes again fell on the small group of people.

It was the Council! He, like the rest of The Order, snapped to attention as they approached the small dais that had been constructed at the base of the tower. But he only counted five among them. Where were the other two?  The lead member rose a hand, a hand that shone as brightly as the spire behind them.  He, like so many of the subspecies of Narelhen, was cybernetically enhanced.  The Order troops relaxed, and the Council turned to face the throngs of people who had gathered.

The lead Council member stepped forward to lean against the small Dais, his robes falling over his hands before he reached up to pull the hood back.  More metal shone in the warm sunlight, and a grin had crossed his face. Continue reading


“First Contact” Short


“Kill it.”

“Sir?” A soldier stood at parade rest in front of a large screen, a well-decorated man sitting behind a desk on the other side.

“Kill the alien, and destroy the temple.”  It took the soldier a moment to comprehend the order.  “Do you understand?”  The man added, more than a little irritation creeping into his voice.  The soldier roused himself from his daze and snapped a salute.

“Y-yes, sir!”  he replied.

“Good.”  The man had grown impatient and turned the screen off.  The soldier noticeably relaxed, despite having been ordered to destroy the only sign of intelligent life humanity had come across.  Sitting down at his desk, he stared out the viewport at the temple, shadowed against the blue-green swirls of Neptune.  The soldier would have to send down a group of soldiers, enough to do the job and contain the research team working in the temple.  He’d have to give the order to just do it, rather than notifying the research team of evacuating.

He sighed, reaching across his desk for a bottle and two glasses.  Next, he placed his hand on a button, listening as a female voice responded.

“Get me the Lieutenant for the marines stationed with us.”

“Yes, sir.  I’ll send him directly to you.”

Five minutes later, a knock echoed through his office.

“Come in.”  The soldier was standing at his viewport, his back to the door as the Lieutenant entered.

“You wanted to see me, Captain?”  The Lieutenant saluted as the Captain turned around, returning the salute.

“At ease, Lieutenant.”  He moved behind his desk.  “Drink?”

“No, thank you, sir.”

“You may need it after what I have to tell you.”

—- Continue reading

“I Can Hear a Rainbow” (Part VI)

Just a few hours later, Vorithas sat in his Mog House in Jeuno. He looked down at the gem, curious – not for the first time – if he truly wanted this power. He shook his head. No. He’d come too far to stop now. Leaving his bags and his sword, he went out into Lower Jeuno to find a white mage. It didn’t take long before he’d once again secured passage to Dem, in Konschtat. It was there he’d do the hunting for a dust storm — the weather equivalent for earth. His spirits heightened when he reached his destination and was immediately assailed by dust, blown by winds funneled through the mountains. He drew his tunic’s hood over his head. This should be it. He heard the voice for the seventh and final time.

The yellow light, I can feel its power running through me.

The world flashed, blinding Vorithas for a moment as the gem leapt from his hand, floating before him once more. Continue reading

“I Can Hear a Rainbow” (Part V)

Vorithas awoke the following morning with a nudge from the Moogle who watched over his house, and the sunlight streaming in from the window finished the job. His body ached, and fought him every step as he got ready for the day. His mind, however, was already contemplating the day ahead. He hoped in his travels that he would find the final two elements required to unlock the gem he carried with him. After a light breakfast, Vorithas strapped his sword to his belt and shouldered his bags — to which his shoulders protested loudly. He winced slightly, pushing the pain to the back of his mind, and made his way out to meet Seraph.

Seraph was waiting for Vorithas at the Eastgate. This would take them to the east side of Ronfaure and then to Ranguemont Pass. The trip to the entrance took little time, and as they approached the gaping mouth of the cave, Vorithas shivered from the blast of cold air coming from the tunnel. He tried to draw his tunic around him tighter, stepping inside. Continue reading

“I Can Hear a Rainbow” (Part IV)

Several days later, Vorithas found himself home. Real home. In San d’Oria. He was exhausted. Over the past few days he’d covered Konschtat, Valkurm, and La Theine extensively in his hunt for the weather patterns. In his adventures, he’d been incredibly lucky in finding four more of the seven he needed:


The first came when he returned to Konschtat from Pashhow and a monsterous bolt of lightning cracked the sky, illuminating the area in a ghostly purple light. Vorithas had felt super-charged and tingly, as though he could run for miles and miles without stopping. Curiously, he checked the gem, grinning as it was enveloped in a violet light. The second had cleared up a great mystery for him, what the seventh color was. It happened as he left Konschtat and its gloom-coated skies for the Valkurm Dunes — a small desert on the southwestern coast of the continent. The skies were clear, the sunshine beaming down – without a cloud in the sky to block it. He had felt warm, but not overly so. The gem picked up an orange aura, and Vorithas had laughed. Calm, that was the seventh ‘color’. Not an element, but an integral part of the weather patterns. Continue reading

“I Can Hear a Rainbow” (Part III)

Days after the events on Qufim Island, Vorithas sat in his rented Mog House. HIs desk was piled with books and scrolls detailing everything from elemental magic to the weather patterns of Vana’diel to the recorded events of people hearing strange voices. He even had a few books from the Crystal War detailing the daemons who fought alongside the Shadow Lord. Though, he had long since ruled out the voice belonging to a daemon. The book he had open how was useless, and he closed it with a great thud, sending dust flying in all directions.

After cleaning himself off and shaking the dust from his hair, he fumed at the books for their lack of information. Then he noticed that a scroll, cracked and yellowed with age, had fallen to the floor. Annoyed, he hopped down from the chair and picked it up. Unfurling it, he began reading. It detailed, briefly, the work of Windurst’s Optistery Minister during the Crystal War.

This may prove helpful. Vorithas thought as he sat down on his bed to read the scroll. The Minister’s name was Karaha-Baruha, and by the sound of the scroll, he had single-handedly saved Windurst through a forbidden school of magic. It seemed he had unlocked the secrets of the Summoners, a forgotten class of mage, long hidden within and below the towers of Sarutabaruta. Continue reading