The Collapse

Unlike previous information, which was detailed through news organizations and publications, the following entry is taken from a journal entered into the official Asylum archives as time went on.

The author is unknown at this point, lost among the first generation of Asylum-dwellers.  What is known is they lived in one of the northern North American Asylums, likely Canada – potentially by the coast, which explains the end of the entry.

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Let’s Try This One More Time

…shall we try this again?  It’s been a few months since my last visit to this space.  But, I’m going to make a huge effort to put something –  Anything (writing related) – out here once a week.  Probably near the end of it, Friday or Saturday.  So, without further delay – here comes this week’s. 🙂

‘Rise from your Grave’

…so hi.  Yeah, it’s been a little while.  And for the one person who might be excited in getting this for new writing, it’s not going to be.  Sorry.

At the moment, I just need a dark corner to unload some thoughts that have been plaguing me the last couple months.  Or so.  And since I don’t keep a journal or anything like that, seemed like the logical place to drop it here.  Not to mention I type faster than I write.

Yup.  So… This is your warning.  You don’t wanna read it?  That’s fine.  I’ll just put this handy little…

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I Am Alive!

Just wanted to let everyone (well, the one person that still seems to be creeping around here) that I am, in fact, alive.  I do plan on returning to this project in the near future, but I have finally rejoined the employed recently, and so that’s taking up a lot of my time, and getting a decent schedule is kicking my ass right now.  In short, alive, but busy. 🙂 I hope to have more up here very soon.

A Small Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that it looks like I’ve got all the major players worked out (they’ve all been posted here) — Thanks to those who read them and gave feedback, it’s provided a lot of help.  Now comes the fun part.  Actually sitting down and writing the thing.  Heh.  So things will probably slow down here, but it will be more substantive.  I -do- want a lot more feedback on this stuff, though.  So please leave feedback, whether on Facebook or here.


The Beginning!

Alright, so… I think I’ve decided exactly what this is going to be.  I’m going to take everything that I’ve written in the past… 10 years or so, and start putting them out here piece by piece, but I’m also going to write on things I’ve noticed throughout the process, things that have helped me get better in my writing, and maybe even revise some of the earlier writings.  I’m also going to put new stuff out here.  That will probably happen slower than the older stuff, since most of it is already finished, but it should be fun either way.  Criticism, so long as it’s constructive and not a general “this sucks” is always welcome. =)

So… Here goes…