King of Flames, bear down upon the enemy!

Who interrupts…
Was I dreaming…?
…An eternity?
But enough…
Wager your life…
…Provide me
…With …Amusement.
Are you ready?

Ronta-Onta was resting against the fence separating the dock-like platform and the waters that ran beneath Kazham.  He was wildly animated, though Vorithas couldn’t make out what he was saying until he got closer.
“…out of the question!” the thought finished as he crosses his arms over his chest.  His Galka companion, Dodmos, shook his head beneath the hood of his tunic.  “But sir, the Rhinostery has been clamoring for results.  We need to report something.”  The exasperation in Dodmos’ voice was plain.  Vorithas approached the two, pulling out the small tuning fork that Dodmos had given him on their last meeting.

“Tried again, Ronta?”  Vorithas asked with a slight giggle in his voice.  That earned him a glare from the Tarutaru.  “Laugh all you like, Vorithas.  The Prime Avatars are just that for a reason.”  Ronta’s mood was plain, but Vorithas wasn’t here to talk.  He was here to fight.  “Anyway,” Vorithas continued, “I came back to give this new tuning fork a go.”  That earned a grin and an approving nod from Dodmos.  Ronta eased himself back to his feet, shaking his head but preparing a spell all the same.  “I can get you to the Proto-Crystal, but this is a one way ride, Vorithas.  You win or… well, you get the point.”  Vorithas nodded, and Ronta unleashed the spell, whisking him off to the eastern side of Elshimo.

The heat was nearly unbearable, and it crashed down on him the moment he emerged in front of the Proto-Crystal.  They were fascinating constructs.  Great gems that radiated enormous power.  Vortihas wondered how they had escaped notice for so long.  He then shook his head, pushing the academic thoughts from his mind, looking to the tuning fork in his hand.  It was supposed to awaken the Avatar asleep within the crystal.

As he did, he noticed the chamber that he stood in, gauging his tactics for the fight ahead.  No wonder Ronta and the others keep losing.  This space is pretty cramped for a fight.  He took a deep breath and stepped up to the Proto-Crystal.  No more stalling.  Here goes.  As he completed that thought, his hand struck the crystal with the small tuning fork.  A soft ring swept over his ears and began to quickly intensify.  He reached up for the Ruby that hung around his neck and noticed that it was vibrating as well, aiding in intensifying the sound.  He staggered back as the ringing grew almost deafening.  Suddenly, he grew dizzy – his vision blurred and the whole world went black. Continue reading


Let’s Try This One More Time

…shall we try this again?  It’s been a few months since my last visit to this space.  But, I’m going to make a huge effort to put something –  Anything (writing related) – out here once a week.  Probably near the end of it, Friday or Saturday.  So, without further delay – here comes this week’s. 🙂