Against Super Mutants…

First part of a fanfic I’m working on with a friend.  This is my character, and how he ended up at the meeting ground for the two’s epic battle. 😀


Where’d he go!?” a deep, menacing voice bellowed.  A group of Super Mutants stood in the center of a ruined building.  The north face had long since collapsed, eroded to dust.  The other three walls stood firm, though they were ghosts of their former selves, and several floors had fallen through to leave nothing but a foot or two of ‘standing room’.  The Super Mutants, with their green-brown flesh and hulking, muscular forms, stood out among the ruined grey of the building.  This made them easy targets.

A crack like thunder erupted suddenly from somewhere above them, sending a perfect shot straight through the head of one of the lesser Super Mutants.  The opposite side of his head exploded, splattering another of the nearby monstrosities with brain, blood and bone.  A flash of the shooter was all the Super Mutants were able to get before it vanished behind a fallen piece of wall three stories up.  “There!”  The leader, most likely what Wastelanders referred to as a Master, pointed to the position where the figure had gone into hiding.  The remaining Super Mutants opened fire with their various weapons.  Bullets of various calibers pelted the cement, raining dust and debris from the upper floors as the fallen wall was torn apart.

As abruptly as it began, the firing stopped as all the weapons fired had to be reloaded.  The figure took this as his opportunity.  In the hailstorm of bullets, he’d used the distraction to sneak around to the opposite side of the building, lining up another clear shot.  Thunder rumbled through the ruins again as a second Super Mutant’s body dropped with his hands clenched around his throat, his jaw having been blown off as the bullet entered at the back of his neck, spraying blood from a gaping wound in his throat.  Laughter began echoing through the building, but the figure did not emerge to speak.  After all, these were Super Mutants.  There was no point in attempting to engage them in conversation.  Just more targets out in the Wastes.  “Come out, coward!”  The Master shouted, frustration in his menacing growl.  The laughter continued, and he started to look around more carefully, turning to examine all sides of the building.  His group was down to a single ‘normal’ Super Mutant and two Brutes.  Certainly still powerful, but for all their strength, they could not fight what they could not see.

The figure sat crouched behind some more debris on the third floor of the building, running his thumb over the grenade that he held carefully.  It likely wouldn’t do much, but it would be fun to watch the Super Mutants scamper away, afraid of such a tiny device.  He pulled the pin, letting it fall to the ground beside him with a soft ring before rolling out from the cover and tossing the grenade to the ground floor.  One of the Brutes saw him.  “Move!” He bellowed, and dove for cover underneath one of the building’s fallen interior walls.  The others made it to cover, as well, save one.  The ‘normal’ Super Mutant stood too long, and the grenade went bouncing up to him before exploding.  The muted thud of the explosion was followed by the howling screams of the Super Mutant.  While it hadn’t done much damage – grenades rarely did to Super Mutants – it had torn up one of its legs, leaving metal shrapnel dug in deep.  One of the Brutes, emerging from cover, couldn’t help but laugh.  The others emerged and started laughing as well.  “Stop laughing! It hurts!” The Super Mutant yelled over the guffaws, grabbing at the leg, trying to dig the shrapnel out with his fingers.  The Master walked over to him, his laughter slowing.  His face molded back into the sneer that all Super Mutants seemed to have their face permanently stuck in and he drew his combat shotgun from his back.

It was laughably small in his hands, but he loaded a shell into the barrel, and placed the cold steel against the back of the Super Mutant’s head.  A second later, a third thunderous explosion echoed through the buildings as the Super Mutant’s head evaporated from his shoulders.  The body slumped forward, and then rolled to the side, a pool of blood beginning to collect around the shoulders, coating the stones of the ruins.  “Weak.”  The Master strapped the shotgun to his back, and looked to the Brutes.  They gathered near him, still giggling to themselves about the whole situation.  The Master punched one of them in the chest, and he staggered for a moment.  “Tear that wall down! Enough games!”  The Master shouted, looking up at the floors above him as he pointed.  The Brutes nodded.

“Well that’s… Unexpected.”  The figure whispered, peering out of his cover to try and look at what they were doing.  They’d all vanished, but he could hear the distinct hum of a Super Sledge warming up.  Before he’d had a chance to move, a large impact shook the entire foundation of the building.  “…the fuck!?”  The figure leapt up, moving quickly around the edge of the flooring that was starting to crumble out from under him.  Another impact threw him to the floor (or what was left of it).  Bellows of laughter exploded from the bottom of the build, and he could hear the hum again.  They were going to bring the entire building down!  “You’re not supposed to be that smart!”  The figure yelled, jumping back to his feet, only to fall again as the impact from the hammer shook the ruins.  Large chunks began to fall outward, crashing onto the ground in great clouds of grey and white dust.  He had to get off this building.  He caught sight of the Master and the Brutes, running to the opposite side of the building.  They weren’t going to wait for him to move before they brought the other walls down.

The Master gripped the Sledge with both hands, raising it high over his right shoulder before stepping forward and slamming the hammer through the cement wall.  He tore a huge chunk out, spraying dust and debris as the rusted and decayed rebar snapped within the walls.  That wall, too, began to shake and crack apart.  If they fell, the third would fall on its own.  He signaled to the Brutes to leave the building.  There was only one way to go out now…

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