“I Can Hear a Rainbow” (Part VI)

Just a few hours later, Vorithas sat in his Mog House in Jeuno. He looked down at the gem, curious – not for the first time – if he truly wanted this power. He shook his head. No. He’d come too far to stop now. Leaving his bags and his sword, he went out into Lower Jeuno to find a white mage. It didn’t take long before he’d once again secured passage to Dem, in Konschtat. It was there he’d do the hunting for a dust storm — the weather equivalent for earth. His spirits heightened when he reached his destination and was immediately assailed by dust, blown by winds funneled through the mountains. He drew his tunic’s hood over his head. This should be it. He heard the voice for the seventh and final time.

The yellow light, I can feel its power running through me.

The world flashed, blinding Vorithas for a moment as the gem leapt from his hand, floating before him once more.

Come Vorithas, follow me!

The gem glowed witha brilliant white light and the light suddenly shot skyward, arcing towards La Theine Plateau. Vorithas sighed, and put the gem back into his pouch. The white mage, having not left and witnessing the whole thing, knelt down beside him. “Need a transport to Holla?” Vorithas nodded, looking over the horizon. Still haven’t gotten my chocobo license…

Once they reached Holla, Vorithas said his farewell to the white mage and immediately looked skyward. The trail of light had not completely faded, and for that Vorithas was glad. La Theine was a large place, and his body did not have the energy to fully walk the Plateau. The arc from the energy released looked as though it had landed northwest of the Crag. He set out on foot, treading through the forests of northern La Theine and walking along the banks of the Ephemere. He stopped for a break, dipping his feet into the cool waters and watching crabs he could fit inside skitter past him. He grinned. It had been a long time since he had stopped to take in his surroundings like that.

After resting a bit longer, Vorithas replaced his boots and splashed water on his face. It was time to finish this journey. He trekked another few minutes to the west and then turned north. A soft light of no particular color illuminated the field within a ring of high mountain walls. It grew slighty brighter as he approached, possibly from the fading sunlight. As he looked around the tiny clearing, Vorithas noticed large pillars of stone arranged in a circle around a small hill. He reached for the gem in his pouch and his eyes went wide as he couldn’t find it. His heartbeat increased. Where had it gone!? He spun in a circle until a glint caught his eye.

The gem had rolled to the foot of the small hill. He sighed loudly and went to retrieve it. However, when he reached for it, it leapt, hovering over the hill and then exploded into a shower of tiny lights. His eyes went wide once more. That was it? All that work just to watch the gem shatter? He fell back, sitting in the grass, unsure what to do.

Thank you, Vorithas. Vorithas looked around. “Who are you?” he demanded, getting back to his feet. My name is Carbuncle. I am one of several new forces here in Vana’diel. “But the summoners…” The entity continued, seemingly unphased.

I became a crystal, was divided into shards, and fell into the hands of beasts and people alike… As the world changed around me. Vorithas watched as the lights gathered in front of him, and the voice he’d heard was finally given form.

And then I knew. I knew you needed me. The creature standing, hovering, in front of him was a vibrant blue. It was an impossible cross between feline, fox and rabbit. This creature, Carbuncle, had ears nearly the length of its body, a long flowing tail and the gem, his gem, planted firmly on its forehead. He smiled, listening further.

That’s why I’ll lend you a little of my power. I’ll fight by your side and watch over you always. Vorithas nodded, and grinned slightly until Carbuncle turned serious. He issued a challenge to Vorithas.

I demand you perform a labor: visit the ancient beings that sleep in faraway lands and places of legend. More entities? He would have to do more research, or ask Carbuncle later. Vana’diel is the world in which you live. You should see the true Vana’diel with your own eyes. I will extend a bridge. A bridge between the people of the present, and beings of ages past.

He surrounded himself in a brilliant aura and then shot into the air. A rainbow formed across the horizon, and as Carbuncle faded, a new spell formed on Vorithas’ lips. He knew now that he could call on Carbuncle whenever he needed his aid.

Now, I think it’s time to see about these other entities…


This was the realization of an in-game quest for Final Fantasy XI.  What I plan to do next, when I want to take a break from First Contact, is write out a few more elements of the Summoner job (mainly the Avatar battles).  They were exciting to solo, and hopefully I can convey that anticipation / dread / exhilaration that came with finishing them. 🙂


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