“I Can Hear a Rainbow” (Part II)

Vorithas closed his hands around the imaginary ball of magic in his mind, squeezing it, attemping to condense it’s power. He imagined lightning, arcing across his fingertips and up his forearms. For a moment, nothing happened, and then what he was imagining began to happen. When he felt he could stand it no longer, his hands shot out, his palms facing away from each other and his body, his arms straight. The crab that was racing toward him slowed as the bolts ran across its body, charring the deep blue carapace. It then fell, lifeless at his feet, in a broken heap of cracked armor-like shells. The black mage sent up a cheer. He had it! This new application of lightning was fun. As a Red Mage, he’d previously learned to enchant his own blade with the element, but never to direct it at a specific target.

He grinned, lowering his hands and nodded to the black mage. The elemental mage had taught him well, and he now had a new spell added to his arsenal. The party was ready to break camp by this point, as it was fast approaching night. They said their good byes, and Vorithas thanked the black mage once more. The black mage clapped him on the shoulder once more, grinning and wishing him luck in solving his puzzle. A moment later, he had warped back home, the purplish-black swirl of magic surrounding him and whisking him away. Vorithas sighed, shivering in his damp robes. He’d forgotten about the crashing waves and their cold spray. Despite it, however, he decided to stay on the island. This even though night was near — and with it the Undead. He practiced the Thunder spell a few more times, and finally moved to gather his equipment to head back to Jeuno. It was well into evening by now.

At that moment, great lights began to streak across the sky. Vorithas at first only noticed them as an intensified shadow fell over his gear. He looked up, and stared in wonder at them, having never seen anything like them. While watching them, he heard a low, dull hum coming from his person and suddenly felt the gem he’d been given vibrating. Quickly, he plunged his hand into the pouch and pulled the gem out. Now it pulsed softly with a light from within the gem. Suddenly, it flashed brightly. He was so surprised that he released the gem, but it did not fall. The world around him seemed to stop, save himself and the gem – which now floated before him.

Seek and gather…
…The seven colors…
…That cover the sky…
…And embrace the earth!

The message he’d been hearing all day now rang clear in his mind and after a few moments the world surrounded him once more, the gem dropping into the sands at his feet. He stood, stunned, at the new development. Some entity had been attempting to contact him about these seven colors, quite possible elements of magic — though he was still curious what the seventh could be. He noted that it had only come through clearly once he had learned to control all six categories of elemental magic. Suddenly, a more sinister thought entered his mind, and he looked down at the gem.

What if this being is attempting to manipulate me to some malevolent end?

He shrugged, laughing at himself. Surely there would be other methods if the thing were trying to control him. Something better than annoying him all day with the same message. He grinned. Crazy thoughts brought on by too much magic and the dazzling display in the sky. He knelt down to the sands, picking up the gem and dusting it off. Gripping it tightly in one hand, he looked up at the Aurora burning brightly in the dark of night. He then made a proclaimation to himself.

“I’ll find your seven colors!” He shouted, Whatever they are.


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