Introducing: Meredith Cross

Alright.  I think I’ve only got two characters left to do after I post this one, and they’re relatively minor.  Writing should start soon, which means I won’t be updating every single day, but probably once every few days, or maybe once a week.  Anyway, here’s Meredith Cross:

Meredith was born in Alaska, of the Atlantic State, in 2510. When she was young, her parents moved to Russia, of the Asian State, in order to work on the Phase Engine systems for the USN’s new flagship, the USNS Odyssey. She developed an interest in space very early on, and her parents often brought her to the USN base where they worked. Because of this, she was able to witness the hundreds of launches that occurred on the base, ferrying supplies and manpower into orbit for the Odyssey. Her dream has always been to go into space.

In 2530, at the age of 20, she was tapped by the USN to enlist as an Intelligence Officer. Her college scores impressed the USN Brass, and they felt that she could handle the great amount of data that they would be receiving from the Odyssey. She thought this was her chance to finally go into space, and she was crushed when she found out that the team would be based on Earth instead of on the Moon. So for now, she still awaits the realization of her dream.

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