Introducing: Antonio Keyes

We’re coming to the end of the list!  I think I only have two or three more major players to flesh out.  So here’s one more, Antonio Keyes, an Argentinian hacker: 

Born in 2504, Antonio grew up in Argentina of the Central-South American State. He was a troublemaker for most of his childhood, growing up with no parents, though it was mostly harmless. However, as he got older, he found a new life in cyber-crime. He became a master of reprogramming various AI-run systems to give him a desired outcome. Unfortunately for the UEC, he also became very good at not getting caught. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and the UEC finally found the break they were looking for.

Antonio made a minor mistake in his most recent AI reprogramming episode, and it led to his eventual capture in 2529. Because the USN is also the police force on Earth, Antonio is one of the few people working for them who is not an actual recruit. This obviously causes some friction between him and most of the people he interacts with, but when he’s called onto the USNS Odyssey to analyze a new type of AI, he slowly comes around to the rest of the military.

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