Introducing: Kristen ‘Kris’ Gates

Here’s your character for the day.  Kris has had a bit more trouble in her past than some of the others:

Kristen grew up in the Oceanic State, on the island of Australia. She was born in the year 2513, and grew up with her father – a mechanic. Throughout her childhood, Kristen never had many female friends, and usually hung around with a predominantly male crowd. She also took to the work of her father, and often helped him into the early hours of the morning. A favorite pastime of hers is racing out in the deserts of Australia with her father. However, she carries a scar from the event, and had to have part of her collarbone, her shoulder blade and humerus replaced with metal parts. Somehow her ribs remained relatively undamaged, and did not need to be replaced. She was 14 at the time, and until a few months ago, needed to return to the doctor in order to have the parts replaced as she continued growing. Despite her fathers protests, she continues to race, and after a few months, he resumed racing with her.

A few months ago, a call went out across the UEC for talented mechanics – for the USNS Odyssey‘s crew – and she responded. However, she had to wait a few months until she turned 18, as citizens of the UEC cannot join the USN until then. Now she’s on-board the Odyssey and assigned to help with the construction of the base on Luna.


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