Introducing: Andrew Kroul

Today, I present to you Andrew Kroul — a MAU scientist:

Andrew was born in Germany of the Atlantic State.  The son of a systems technician for the UEN and later the USN in 2498,  Andrew spent his life around computers and quickly found that he had an affinity for them. His father trained him from an early age, and rather than attend school, he opted instead to enlist with the USN at 17. It was a year younger than is usually accepted, but given his father’s position, and Andrew’s incredible knowledge in the field, there was no question.

Andrew found the military difficult at first, and often found himself in trouble for arguing with his professors. At the age of 19, the USN moved him from the infantry divisions to R&D, in order to make full use his talents. At 21, he signed on to the new MAU, Mobile Assault Unit, research project.  Now 33, Andrew heads the project for the MAU, and has come close to perfecting a new design for them. He is aboard the USNS Odyssey to help with the base on Luna and test the armor’s capabilities in a zero-G environment.

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