Introducing: David Rhodes

Another character today – David Rhodes, Captain in the USN.

David was born in North Africa, of the Middle-African State, during the Great World War, in the year 2407. Even if this makes him one hundred and twenty-four years old, advances in medical science and technologies make this age equal to being in a person’s late fifties during the 21st Century. He was a naval officer during the final three years of the War, and transitioned into the United Earth Navy when it was formed. He has remained a Captain by choice, enjoying commanding a vessel. He has always felt a close connection to the ocean, as he grew up on the coast, and he now thinks of space in much the same way.

David’s record during the Great World War was an impressive one, and often led his ship, and later his fleet, to many victories against both the Atlantic and Asian states. Now, in the post-Interstellar Age, he has been named the Captain of the USNS Odyssey and his first task is to transport the manpower and materials necessary for the lunar military base to Luna.


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