Introducing: Ryan Matthews

Today I have for you another major player in ‘First Contact’, Ryan Matthews:

Ryan was born in the pre-Interplanetary Era, in the Atlantic State (US) in the year 2493. Ryan was 4 years old when the first Phase Drive was successfully completed. His parents are both college professors, and he grew up surrounded by intellectuals of all types. The person he found the most interesting, however, was a friend of the family – a military history professor – who taught him personally about every famous battles throughout history. This fast-growing interest fueled his decision to enter the military, and once he was there he found he enjoyed it greatly. Ryan spent many years in college, and earned his Masters in History – focusing, of course, on military history.

He has been a career military man, who entered the USN at twenty-two and has risen through the ranks over the last twenty years. Currently, he is a Colonel in the USN and oversees the very first USN fleet constructed in the Earth’s history. The USNS Odyssey was launched as the flagship, and he is currently overseeing the construction of the base on Luna.


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