Introducing: Alexander Deron

Okay, today we’ve got Zander Deron, Jormand’s best friend and bunk-mate in the military.

Zander was born in 2507 in America of the Atlantic State. Not much is known about his past, as his parents died when he was seven. His father was a robotics technician for a prominent contractor for the UEC, and he often worked from home. His last project was designing a smaller version of the MAU (mobile assault unit) being developed by the USN, one that would be deployed by the USN’s mobile infantry divisions. However, an accident with the experimental power core instantly killed his father, and set the house on fire, trapping and killing his mother as well. The only reason Zander was spared was he was away at school. He was in and out of foster homes, mostly because his parents could not deal with how closed off he often acted.

Once he was old enough, he drifted for several years, paying his way by working as a computer technician throughout America and Canada. He took a liking to it, and at the age of twenty one, he found himself enlisted in the USN. There, he met Jormand, and the two became quick friends, despite Zander’s tendency towards ignoring most people. Zander also possessed a knack for ‘communicating’ with the machines used by the USN, and this exemplary performance earned him a spot on the USNS Odyssey, as Jormand’s bunk-mate in 2531.


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