Introducing: Jormand Ceardre

 Okay, getting back to this, I promise. 🙂  Today I’ve got for you Jormand Ceardre – the main character of ‘First Contact’: 

Jormand was born in 2508 in England of the Atlantic State. His father was a writer, and his mother a historian. They always instilled a sense of independence in him, as well as the notion he should always think for himself. However, he also had the problem of letting his emotions get the best of him. Jormand was often in trouble for fights in school, and found himself kicked out of every school in Leicester. Having no other choices, his parents took care of his schooling. In 2526 – at the age of 18, he enlisted in the United Earth Navy, instead of going to college – because he felt college would teach him nothing.

In the Navy, his combative ways continued, and he found himself in even more trouble, eventually demoted to simple research details. While meant as a punishment, Jormand took a liking to it, and eventually requested to stay in the unit. During his time in the research unit, he met Alexander Deron, another Ensign assigned to the research division as a computer technician for their equipment. The two quickly became friends, and worked well as a team. Jormand’s ability to decipher texts and locate ruins earned him a spot on the research vessel USNS Odyssey, which set to space in 2531.


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