The Ravens (Part 4)

“This wasn’t going to be easy, but I had confidence in myself. Thirty minutes later, I prepped my boosters for the long drop they were about to give me. We were about 2,000 ft. above the destroyer at the tip of the fleet. I was given good luck, and before I was dropped I asked the pilot,

“How am I being recovered once the fleet is destroyed?” He simply said,

“Leave one of the carriers floating, or wait on the bottom for a submarine.”

“How reassuring…” I thought to myself. Two minutes later, they released my AC from the helicopter. I dropped for about ten seconds before turning on my boosters and easing myself on top of the lead destroyer. The fog was heavy, so none of the other ships could see me, yet. I turned on the bio-sensor equipment in my AC, and almost immediately I could see heat sources all over the ships surrounding me. I knew that as soon as I activated my laser blade, visual contact would be inevitable. The back weapons that I had chosen were a light chain gun and a six missile pack. I was still carrying my Karasaw, but I would only use it if the fog cleared out.

I raised my left arm, and a flash of light cut through the fog as I activated my blade. The only place that I could make an effective attack was the tower that I was standing on. I thrust my blade down into the tower, and then jumped into the air as the destroyer erupted into flames. I brought my chain gun online and landed on the back deck of the destroyer to the left of the lead. I opened my chain gun on the tower of the second and the bio-sensor lost track of everything in the tower as it burst into flames. I got up, and before I could get off the ship, a rocket hit me in the back. I stumbled forward, and my body reminded me of the damage done yesterday.

My armor had almost been breached, so I turned, and an attack plane few over my head. Before I could do anything about the plane, I had to get off the destroyer. In the fifteen minutes of combat, the fog had burned off, and the Ocean was now exposed. The destroyers immediately opened fire on the second destroyer. I OverBoosted to the deck of the left aircraft carrier, and used my blade to disable the tower and, in turn, the planes. Since I could see, I let my Karasaw power up and left off a few shots at the carrier next to me. Aiming low, I managed to put two or three holes out of about ten shots into the hull of the carrier.

As it started to sink, I saw Emeraude troopers diving into the ocean, a death by drowning rather than burning. I was getting pounded by machine gun fire on all sides. Using what was left of the charges in my Karasaw, I could only take out three destroyers. There were two destroyers left, so I used three rounds of six missiles to destroy the towers of the last craft. I had stopped three internal fires on my AC, and damages were blazing all over my monitors. The combat had lasted for about forty five minutes. As I was being lifted out, I noticed a form on the shoreline. I noticed this, because during combat e had drifted to the outer reaches of the Arkot Ocean. There was something different about the form, and I used the magnifying lends in the head of my AC to take a picture of the form before I got out of range. The Zio Matrix transport dropped me off at Great Lake. Once they were gone, I dropped back into the Raven’s Nest. Before I let the engineers examine it, and repair it, I took the picture on a disk and deleted it from my AC’s database.

Limping back to my room, my exosuit, uncracked, was thrown into a corner, and I flopped into the chair in front of my desk. Then I pulled the disk from my pocket, and put it into my PC. Examining the picture closer, I immediately thought that it was a quad-legged AC. The picture was blurry, so that was all I thought of it. I turned on my TV and checked the news. That was the first time I had watched the news to try and find something out. Emeraude made the announcement that their new model had been a success in its testing. Then, they had shown a picture, and I turned around quickly to look at the photo that I had. The photo, now that I had seen the model, looked like the test model that Emeraude had built. It had four legs, but it was modeled after a tiger, and was just about as fast. It hadn’t been painted, so it was still the metallic silver of the metal. I suddenly wanted to fight with it, to see how it worked. I e-mailed Emeraude requesting an Arena match with the AC. I included that I would pay for both entry fees if necessary. Obviously they found it an interesting opportunity to get test results from combat with a top ranking AC, because about twenty minutes later, I got a reply accepting the request.

They wanted me to be at the Old Avalon Arena tomorrow at noon. This was a chance for them to both make some money and fully test the new model. After closing down my computer, I walked to my hangar, and ran into Kuro along the way. Again we were cut short, and I told him I would catch up with him later, if I was still alive. He looked at me strangely, and then we separated. Taking my phone out once again, I placed a call to Zio Matrix labs, more specifically Dyne and Kamarya. Dyne was the one to pick up.


“Dyne, it’s Tidus, I have a big favor, a huge favor, to ask.”

“Well, what is it?”

“This will change your life, should you say yes, and it will change Kamarya’s life as well.”

“Tidus, just ask already…”

“Alright, I want you guys in the Nest. I need your knowledge to help me out. Plus it would be easier to talk to you guys.” Dyne was silent for a few moments, then he spoke.

“I’ll go, and Kamarya says she will too. I’ll meet you on the shores of Great Lake in one hour.” Then he hung up, and I did the same. Walking to the console of my AC, repairs were complete so I began to play around with new configurations of my AC parts. I finally ended up settling on the same configuration that I had before, and then headed up to the Great Lake shore. When I climbed over the hill nearest to Neo Issac, Dyne and Kamarya were both standing there in their Zio Matrix uniforms. I signaled to them with my hands, and soon the three of us were standing on a hill near Great Lake, a chilling wind coming off the lake.

“Remember guys, once I take you into the Nest, no one will remember who you are, not even your parents.” They both nodded, and I led them inside.

When we entered the Nest, I showed them to their rooms located not too far from mine. After that, I bid them good night, and went to my own room. Turning out the lights, and laying down on my bed, soon fell asleep. I awoke the next morning to the sounds of a light rapping on my room’s door. I rolled out of bed, and turned on the lights.”

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