The Ravens (Part 2)

“The emblem was a silver sword with a blue dragon wrapped around its blade. Many people recognized it because I was ranked fifth in the Arena on Earth, but it’s funny how when someone recognizes a Raven, they don’t make it known. I walked to the lab in the center of the city and Dyne was waiting outside. There was someone standing with him. This was very odd, to see the relation between these two people because Dyne was about 6’2” and he was wearing black glasses. His hair was a brown color, almost blonde, and this person standing next to him was 5’8” and her hair was very blonde. She wasn’t wearing glasses, and was blinking and squinting from the sunlight reflecting from all of the buildings surrounding the main lab. As I approached the overhang of the lab, Dyne and I shook hands. Dyne then introduced me to the woman that was standing with him. After we shook hands and she told me that her name was Kamarya. I told her that my name was Tidus.

“Tidus? I can’t say that I have ever heard a name like that.” She said. I answered her simply.

“I’m a Raven.” That was all I said.

“A Raven? That’s interesting. What brings you here though?”

“Dyne is a friend of mine. He tells me about new parts that Zio comes out with, and every once in a while I may come down to check them out.” She looked at me somewhat strangely.

“You seem to have quite a connection with Zio Matrix, to be able to get information about these parts before they are finished.”

“Okay.” I said, “One question for you. Why ask so many questions? I work for Zio Matrix, a lot.” I kept going, getting frustrated at her questions. Dyne finally jumped in, stopping me dead in my tracks.

“How about we go inside and I show you that blade?”

“Fine.” I said quickly, and walked into the lobby of the lab. Dyne and a flustered Kamarya walked in slowly behind me. Dyne took me down into the lab. It’s really quite interesting to see just how a major corporation like Zio works.

I walked by a few monitors, and watched as scientists made careful calculations and corrections. Walking further, the silvery walls and floors were very well lit by the white circular lights about eight feet above me. Dyne was beside me, and Kamarya beside him. I finally calmed down enough to talk.

“So how strong is the blade you guys designed?” I asked, turning my head, my own glasses still covering my eyes. Dyne had taken his off, and his green eyes were now visible.

“Remember the Moonlight?” He said, I nodded. “Well, we’ve managed to make it just as strong, but we’ve managed to half the weight.” I didn’t really say anything after that, I was just in pure amazement. “I know,” Dyne said in response to my silence, “That was my first response to the news as well.”

“How did you manage that one?” I asked him.

“See, if I told you, then I would have to kill you.” He laughed, and I nodded, laughing as well. We all stopped, why I’m not quire sure, but at that moment there was an explosion on the streets above the lab. I took off running, back the way I had come. Dyne and Kamarya weren’t far behind. While I was running, I took my phone from my belt and called the engineers at my hangar. I told them to have my AC’s weapons reloaded and to have the optional parts put back inside the core. Then I hung up. As I did, I was thrown to the ground by another explosion. I slid across the silvery floor, and then leapt to my feet after I lay there for a minute. I continued to run, until I burst from the labs front doors onto the street. Glass lay all over the street, and the building across the street was ablaze from the second explosion.

My eyes darted from the building, to one side of the street, to the other, looking for the cause of the two explosions. A shadow fell over me, and as I looked up, I noticed a large humanoid form in the air. I followed it down to the street, and when it hit the ground, I almost fell again. It was an AC, pretty fast as well, from what I could tell. As it stood there, I noticed its arms more than anything. It had flattened shield-like objects instead of hands, and openings about three feet wide at the end of the projections. I could tell that the arms were laser blades. A voice, robotic and masked, came from the AC.

“Where is the Raven known as Tidus?!” I looked up at him, hearing my name. I had to get back to the Nest before he started rampaging again. I made my way back to the Nest, once again, I can’t tell you how I got there. Quickly getting to my bunk, I changed back into my Raven’s uniform and put my exosuit back on, running down to the hangar. An engineer helped me up into the core of my AC, plugging a large tube into the socket on my chest plate. I strapped myself into the seat inside my cockpit, bringing everything online as a green glow came over my helmet’s visor.

“Now, let’s see what this guy is capable of.” I turned on my boosters, and then engaged the OverBoost drivers. I shot out of the Nest, and then changed directions to head towards Issac City. As I entered the city, I could see that the AC was beginning its rampage again. I engaged the OverBoost again, and flung my AC into his. This would cause damage to both of the ACs, but his was lighter, or so I hoped. As I hit him, I sent him flying into a building nearby. I stood back up after falling to the ground, and my main monitor brought up an alert saying that I had lost 43% of the armor on my left shoulder. The other AC climbed out of the glass and rubbed, and powered his blades. My Karasaw was in my right hand, and I wasn’t sure if I should use it or not. The AC leapt at me, and made the decision for me. He brought his sword around, and sliced a gash in the armor plating of my left arm, making it both dead weight and making my laser blade unusable. I brought my left knee forward and caught the enemy’s core just above the waist. I couldn’t break the armor, but I did dent it, which caused a problem later that I didn’t know about presently. We continued to fight, and to my dismay, he was winning. After about fifteen more minutes of combat, he pinned me to the ground, holding one energy blade just above the opening to my cockpit. Just then, he came across the radio, in that same dark voice that I had heard in the street.”

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