Armored Core Fan Fiction

The first entry!  This is a very old piece of work written in tandem with a friend of mine back in high school.  I’ll start it from the beginning in a few days, but this was mostly just a test of the functionality in the website.  I think it’ll be fun!  Check back later!


First to be announced, the Challenger! Ranked second in the Arena, Apocalypse, piloted by B-24715, a criminal who fights for his freedom!” The announcer yelled. Apocalypse was a heavily armored four-legged AC, he carried a heavy machine gun, a lightweight laser blade, and on his back he carried a dual scatter missile launcher. When they announced the top-ranking AC, I felt my stomach knot up.

“Now! For the top-ranking AC, this pilot has managed to remain at the top for some time now. Nineball has been challenged time and time again, and each time Hustler One has managed to put down the challenger!”

H-1. The top-ranking AC? How could I have missed that? I leaned against the window to watch the fight. The panels on the east and west walls were blank, then the word ‘ready’ lit up, followed by ‘go’. Apocalypse was the first to move, and he sped backwards and upwards, opening fire with his machine gun. H-1 took some damage from the bullets, but he moved fast enough to where the damage was minimal. H-1 retaliated with a weapon that I had never seen before, a rapid fire pulse gun. Four shots flashed from the barrel each time the trigger was compressed. Apocalypse dodged all but two or three of these rounds and his right arm caught fire. Apocalypse put out the fire, and fired two rockets into the air. The pods burst in mid-air and released ten missiles into the air. Each one sped towards H-1 and he only managed to dodge four, being thrown to the ground by the other six. He was up in little or no time, and let a grenade fly from his left back weapon without getting down on one knee. The other AC was caught completely off-guard, and his left arm shattered from the explosion. There was nothing left of the arm, the metal from the armor scattering everywhere. H-1 stood still, staring at the other AC.


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